Captain’s Log 2

12 May 2013 – 11:13am.

It is 4 years, 3 months and 28 days …. since i turned 30.

Small battles are fought daily, some more significant than others,
it is gruesome, the marriage establishment is a formidable foe,
the tide has been in our favour recently though,
we inch towards a certain victory;
and then in a grand display of it’s callousness, the  establishment unleashes a grandmother on our hero,
and when our hero is cornered by the “ucharoora riini?” formation, his only escape is by means of the “nditsvagirei imimi” strategic retreat,
which gets our hero thinking, ‘but what kind of woman would grandma provide?’,
and more importantly,
what type of women has our hero been encountering in this m.A.A.d cITy?


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