The Bank Widow


reality is optional in these streets,

as a wee lad i learnt,
after much observant observation,
that once a pretty young girl dated a bloke with a car,
there was no going back,
she would ratchet that step up the dating ladder,
and put the next foot forward,
no pedestrians henceforth.

Chipo reminisces wistfully about her former boss at a now-defunct bank which popped up then popped back down during that crazy period of financial shenanigans :

FT, (coz bank girls call the bank owners by their initials – it’s a bank girl thing)
FT was a gentleman,
He would command attention by just walking into a room,
His PRESENCE, oh my God!
And he’d be like “Hi girls, remember proper posture”,
He went to Harvard you know,
And he started the bank HIMSELF,
Guy is a genius,
And he would go onto the Mercedes Benz website and pick out the latest Merc,
Order it and ask them to customize it.
His wife was chauffeur driven,
“My wife doesnt have to drive”
And then he would laugh.
I remember the one time,
We had these investors over from the US,
And he just told me go to Brooke Spar and get whisky and stuff for the cricket box,
Just tell them I sent you,
“Shaa, I went, and they were like just get whatever!”
And we went with his personal driver,
“Oh my God, that CAR!”
He called us his team,
He’s got a sense of humour that man,
I used to collect his GQ subscriptions and he would actually go and buy stuff off the catalogues,
His cologne,
I like men with power,
He took his family on holiday every year,
They have been everywhere!
So last year, before the bank went under curatorship,
He was like,
“All the junior managers should get cars”,
And then some senior manager suggested little NP200s,
Ah jack shaa, we wanted double-cabs,
We were gonna tell FT that the bank would have a poor image if we had those little trucks.
Shaa, I havent been to Wingate in a while,
Or to Triton,
Imagine, this curator guy stopped paying our golf and gym fees,
Shaa, dude is an idiot,
I miss FT,
There just arent any men like him in harare,
He would tell us that us girls shouldnt settle for just anyone,
A girl should have standards,
Ah ini, I’d rather be alone that to settle for whats out there.


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