doing better at the lounge…




ladies nite at The Lounge,

real fancy joint,

i like,

30 married men,

55 blokes with girlfriends,

20 girls looking for someone better,


she’s one of them,

she’s happy tonight – i make her happy,

he’s been hounding her all week,

says she’s been distant,

suspects she’s seeing someone on the side,

he doesnt know that he’s right,

he also doesnt know that practically, HE is the one on the side,


so i’m lying next to her and thinking,

post-coital thoughts,

my moral compass is a bit wayward in these matters,

i get to thinking about marriage and stuff,

yep, she gives it that good,

and then it hits me,

“What would Jesus do?”

and so with regards to marriage,

i now firmly resolve to do what jesus did.


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