fear of a black instrument …




I don’t usually go out mid-week, but this Thursday was special, there was a girl involved, you see,

 And as city girls go, she was a keeper,

So I picked her up, that’s what I did,
Pulled up in her driveway and waited a bit, they always make you wait, for effect I guess,
She came out looking dandy, pert as a naughty nymph,
And boy was I pleased, if you really must know,
“Where are we going!?” she asked giddily,
Dressed in that little blue dress I had a hunch what Miss Thursday had in mind,
Brilliant cocktails, loud music and bright city lights,
Not what I had in mind though,

“Let’s go and watch Mbira dzeNharira at the Book Cafe”

Being a man about town I was half expecting a flat “No” or a reluctant shrug,
Bourgeois girls have their bourgeois tendencies,
But what I got instead, blew my kinky hair back, kinda,

“Ah! KuMbira handidi, ndinotya kusvikirwa!”

Well, well well, blow my hair back and call it blown,
I have been to Earth Dances, Trance parties and Rave gigs,
And seen hedonistic youths pop pink, blue and yellow mushrooms,
To get some kind of musical spiritual high, by the by,
Chasing white rabbits way down the hole,
Batai tsuro!

Connoisseurs of classical compositions will fall in and drift away,
On wave upon wave of orderly tumult,
Jazz heads are never ashamed to tumble in and lose their bearings in ascending sheets of music,
And that is the essence of music is it not,
To slide in and touch that raw nerve, stimulate that sensation rarely alive,
And lift your soul above the mundane,
And yes,
Those free spirits with open hearts and curious souls will be “possessed”,
And when possessed you will find it untenable to stay in your seat,
The crescendo will light a fire under and within you and set you off,
While some need a complete orchestral ensemble, a jazz quintet or a trance session complete with psychedelic mushrooms,
We have a simple rudimentary instrument,
Wood and iron,
And in inspired hands,
Capable of setting you off into the stratosphere,
It is our own, belongs to us, for us,

And yet we are afraid of it…


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