a lover’s train…



there is a train that’s never late,
take heed,
when she rambles on about how she was wronged,
there may be truth in there – somewhere,
and yet, at some point,
something will happen,
a set of events perhaps,
and at that point you will understand why her last relationship ended,
it will dawn on you,
why her relationships turn out how they do,
in that instant, you will become that ex who cheated on her,
you will be that guy who strung her along and married someone else,
if you look closely, you will see that asshole who treated like crap,
that idiot who took her for granted,
the fool who did not realize what he had in her,
it will come to you and it will dawn on you, it will be like a revelation,
her line of argument, her fears, her irrationality and baseless accusations will all make sense,
in that moment you will be ‘that guy’,
that accumulation of her past,
the essence of all the negative therein,
distilled, swirled, simmered and projected onto you,
she will look at you in that moment and come to face what she brings out in a man,
she will hold you up and right then you will be a mirror,
looking at herself and a reflection of her choices and decisions, character and personality,
you will look back at her and present to her what she gives out,
you will, in that moment of clarity,
congeal her womanhood,
you will see her,
and understand why they left,
true as rain,
this train is always on time.


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