On quenching an unexpected thirst …

the two of them are now holding hands – rubbing finger tips,
looking into each other’s eyes and all that,
that’s the downside of going out with two people who have just started fucking,
and his girl has been running her mouth off to her friend of course,
you know how girls do,
and she told her friend, “oh he has this friend of his, he’s cute”,
so now I’m here sitting facing this little fuckin prima donna,
i mean, she’s pretty i guess,
but not my kind of pretty,
i don’t like pretty at all, factly,
but she’s that pretty that i know guys generally like,
but not me,
and she’s fuckin annoying,
she can’t understand how i’m not talking to her and telling her stuff like,
“I went to St John’s College” and “I was class of ’99” and stuff like “I was at UCT” and more stuff like, “I’m an engineer”,
fuck that shit,
she wants me to impress her with shit,
i see it in her eyes,
she likes it when guys impress her with stories and things and then she acts like she’s not impressed and then they ask for her number and then she lets them chase her,
her lipstick says it all,
fuck impressing her,
she hates me about now and i don’t like her a single bit either,

we’re not at the Book Cafe tonight,
my boy is still doing shit like asking his new squeeze where she wants to go and then she says she doesn’t know and then he suggests some place and she says she doesn’t “do” that place and then he suggests a fancier place and now his hand is up her thigh,
i don’t care though,
the band is decent and i like the six-string strumming,
it’s a new place in town,
new place with the same old crowd,
at least two exes you’ll bump into on any given night,
that’s Harare for you,
guaranteed a familiar shag if you don’t mind the awkwardness next morning,
i like this Pariah State joint,

her drink has been empty for a while,
and i’ve just been sitting here watching the band playing,
she’s fuming,
i’m enjoying the fumes,
she knows i am and she’s looking at her friend like “what the fuck is up with this jerk?”
and i just sit there ignoring her and she’s sitting there hoping some hot guy comes over to talk to her and then she can laugh and toss her braids and accept his offer for a drink and give me that “eat shit fucker” look while the hot guy goes to buy her a drink,
but she gets a drink from me instead,
and it burns me inside that i have to endure this hell night with this fuckin prissy chick,
but i like that she’s not enjoying this either and now my boy has his tongue all down his new girl’s throat and they’re just being sexual now and me and this silly girl are just sitting opposite each other and not looking at each other and she’s sipping the drink i got for her and looking around pouting for anyone’s attention,
later that night,
after we fuck the first time, i tease her about how silly she looked pouting with her drink in her hand and she slaps me and chases me around the room calling me a liar and then we fuck some more..


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