peach in blue..



it’s the peach on her that catches my eye,

she’s wearing electric blue gym gear,

bright colours are all the rage,

the other lady she’s with, i don’t know, she’s just the other person there,

above the electric blue clima-cool sweat shirt shirt, and out the corner of my eye, i notice her peach skin,

and the now the curiosity burns,

i gather headphones, phone, sweat towel,

i know i’m forgetting something,

i take a glance at her,


i need to see her close up,

it always is, that there’s something wrong,

there is always a flaw somewhere,

and yet i squint,

walking from the car, i want to see a flaw before i get too close,

it won’t do to be looking her up and looking her down, up close,

when i get onto the landing she has her back turned to me,

she’s unlocking the door to the studio and the other person she’s with greets me but i’m not listening,

she turns round and she is flawless,


small red lips, delicate,

she has a hair band,

and her hair has just enough Black in it to give it those playful curls,

ginger streaks thrown in,

her complexion is peach and her skin is smooth,


now we’re walking up the stairs to the weights room,

her light steps following mine and i can hear her breathing,

i must not turn around, and yet her eyes burn into my neck,

she must not pass me, and so i walk up faster,

and when her breath falls away i slow down,

ever so slightly,

she beeps me into the weights room and when she meets my eyes for the first time, she holds her gaze for a second longer, and then looks down,

i head for the squat rack..


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