a love in us..



today i met a girl and she was leaving,
“going to see about a boy”,
that’s the line from “Good Will Hunting”,
we talked,
about the movie and other things we share,
the people around us murmuring, a humming in the background,
the dream of the perfect romance burns in us all,
it is a yearning for love imagined and she was lost in thought,

hope in us,

she was leaving for Poland and she did not know if he was the one to move for,
there is risk in leaving and risk in staying,
it wasnt my place to tell her but i did,
see, i should have told her not to go,
i should have told her to stay and look deeper into my eyes,
look into me and see the possibility of us,

fear in me,

she is 28 and with him because she is with him,
with him simply because she is,
and stays with him because she’s with him,
and yet she looks at me and cant hear anything else,

fear in her,

she is troubled and holding the hand of the man she met 57 minutes ago and feels she must
share everything with him,
maybe if she makes him understand her life then he will save her..


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