getting married..



My boy is getting married,

It shall be a big affair by all accounts,

He intimated that I shall be one of the groom’s men,

My heart warmeth,

I was with him yesterday and he spoke about suit measurements in a short while,

I’m stoked the fuck about donning a suit for the second time in my life,

Imma get my Harvey Specter on,

Be all suave n shit,

Also hitting the gym hard,

Coz, you know,

Harvey Specter,


I love weddings,

I love being part of them,

It is a most awful feeling to be at a wedding and feel disconnected,

I photographed a wedding once and suffered one hundred minutes of solitude,

It is not a small part of why I do not shoot weddings,


I have known my friend through an angry relationship, a doomed reconciliation and a spectacular attempted entrapment,

I am happy for him,

He has known me through a tortured relationship, tempests and a resigned detachment,

He pities me,


I love weddings for the poetry,

Wipe away the gaudy pretentions and there is beauty,

The beauty of belief and possibility,

There is innocence, a purity of thought,

Sadly lost in deceptions and lies and soured maturity,


Underneath the self-interest and the perversion,

Layers beneath the veil and garter and icing,

There lies a truth,

The essence of unity between a man and a woman,

A man’s need for a woman and her need for him,

Laid bare in their naked honesty,


A mate has a secluded party area at his place in Chisi,

We shall have the stag party there,

There will be chilled beers, single malts and dandy strippers,

All manner of debauchery and lecherousness shall be visited upon this future husband,

I shall be relentless in my mission to get him one last lap dance,

I shall call a stripper named Peaches and pay her well,

She will contort spectacularly and an encore shall sound,

In time-honoured tradition, Our Guy will have a royal send-off,

And any unquenched thirst,

Any insatiable hunger,

For those whose need runs long and hard,

There shall be rich pickings on the wedding day,

School mates, work mates, church mates and friends of the bride,

Riding on that emotional wave trying to catch that bouquet,

A man has but to show an easy patience,

Harvey Specter.



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