about a girl…


there was the girl this morning,

walking just ahead of me as i sat in slow traffic,

she had a quick yet graceful stride,


she walked briskly with just the slightest sway in her hips,

her bushy hair bounced in rhythm,

landing lightly on her shoulders then springing back up,

her shoulders were pulled back,

and the contours were just visible through her hoodie,

her arms were swinging powerfully,

just avoiding her knapsack,

and keeping her body in beautiful balance,

such a firm posture,

power and grace,

and her track pants,

black, and just the right fit,

covering that delicate balance between sexy and muscular,

and she wore beach flops,

which snapped up in time with the bounce in her hair,

that walk said i know where im going,

and why im going there,

there are people in the road,

but im on my journey,

i know you’re watching me,

but i dont care,

i know what time it is,

and im getting there on time,

Then she got to a footpath and turned sharply off the road,

I caught just a glimpse of her face,

and then she was gone.



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