ode to a scent…

After avoiding humans for weeks, had a sweet date tonight,

My niece convinced me I need to “put myself out there”,

That’s what happens when you watch romantic comedies with teenage girls,

One gets convinced,

And so I went out to meet a pretty girl,

She’s hot,

And she’s awesome,

And she’s smart,

And she’s funny,

And she has that deep voice,

I like the sound of her voice when she laughs,

They exist,

Didn’t get laid though,

I put on my “get laid” cologne and sex didn’t happen,

That’s a first,

18 months of unwavering service and it falters tonight,

Hug her real close and she’ll breathe it in,

I don’t remember who gifted me the cologne,

Dabbed it on for luck and that’s how it started,

No one kept score but the numbers never lied,

And then I went out tonight and “put myself out there”,

Rubbed it on my neck and didn’t bring home the girl,

In all fairness things took a turn,

A tragedy along Borrowdale Road and the date had to end,

She’s a keeper though,

I’m seeing her again tomorrow,

But the cologne has to go.


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