zoe’s doctor…

sex with zoe is reliable,
we fuck,
she comes,
and then a few strokes after that I come,

she’s ok,
not all the way to pretty,
and sometimes that’s ok,

‘times i’m feeling low and want, no … need, with a deep ache, to lay with a woman and get lost in her warmth, in that moment, and not have to spoon or make conversation afterwards,

sometimes i want the conversation afterwards,
banter before, when i’m teasing her and getting her hot and getting her wet,
and we’ll lie there after we’re done,
avoiding the wet spots and fanning ourselves and talking about Fanon and Toni Morrison and Freire’s Pedagogy Of The Oppressed,

zoe comes easily and i like that about her,
i used to go down on her and go all out with my tongue and lips and lightly with my fingers,
she waved all that away,
she just wanted me inside, filling her with the strokes of a man,

she likes “our arrangement”,
that’s what she calls it and it’s fine with me,
she’s not looking for “anything serious”,
i don’t think she could have anything deeper with anyone at all, she knows this is true,

most times we’ll have a few drinks,
then she’s totally mercenary about it all,
we’ll just stroke a bit and she gets on top and i just lie there and stay hard until she comes,
after she’s stopped her spasms,
if i’m particular about things, i’ll get on top and she’ll grab my ass and move around a bit until i grunt and jerk and gasp into her,
she’s good like that,
if i’m tired though, or i’ve just got shit on my mind,
i’ll nudge her off me soon as she’s done and i’ll reach over and open a window or walk to the fridge with my dick slowly going down and i’ll fetch a glass of water or whatever,
on those nights we just turn over and sleep,

i met zoe through a friend of a friend,
some acoustic thing at alliance francais,
we weren’t really talking, early in the evening,
but at 10:23pm we both knew we were gonna fuck that night,
she came over to my place and next morning she named my dick “the doctor”,
says it’s because she doesn’t need sleeping pills when she gets it..


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