Prelude to a kiss…

We’re listening to the Isley brothers,
It’s an early 2000’s joint,
Pleading Ronald Isley vocals laced with Ernie’s electric strings,
So we’re sitting here, on my bed, talking,
Getting to know each other, more,
Listening to “Contagious”,
And I have this bottle of wine,
I haven’t been saving it or anything,
It’s just been there and I haven’t gotten round to popping it,
And then I met her and it wasn’t right off the bat, but, by the time we left my friend’s place I knew I wanted to be with her,
And so we talked and I got her number and I called her and we went for an evening run and showered and she came over to hang out or whatever,
I like her.

We’re drinking a two-year-old blend of Stellenbosch red and wondering how life turns out,
“Warm Summer Night” is playing and she looks beautiful in this light,
I’ve put out the overheads and the reading light is casting a warm glow on her face,
She is lovely,
I want her but not yet,
I’m looking at her and she’s nervous and pensive and she has a deep seductive voice,
She doesn’t talk much but when she does I listen and it’s captive,
Her voice,
I want to listen to it and I don’t want her to leave.

I break out the wine because it’s been there,
I haven’t been keeping it or saving it or anything,
And I think I need to pour it because if I don’t then it becomes that I’m saving it and then it just keeps and I never open it,
I wanted to open it a few weeks ago but the wine wasn’t ready to come out yet,
Not then,
And now I’m here and she looks into my eyes and I pour her another glass,
Funny how she goes, this life, this love,
One moment she’s here, the next, thar she blows in the wind.

I kiss her to Ernie’s strings…


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